Volume 7  (1):February 2016



Molecular Breeding for Abiotic Stress Management in Rice – Yogendra Singh and P.K. Upadhyay`Download

Legume Lectins : A Promising Candidate for Confronting a Plethora of Biotic Stresses – Rakesh Kumar Prajapat, Deepak pawar, Puja Singh, Poonam Tiwari, Sudhir Kumar and Rekha Kansal`Download

Determination of Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic advance Estimates for Phonological and Yield Traits in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Genotypes under Late Sown Conditions. – Navin Kumar and  Ajeet Kumar`Download

Genotype – Environment Interaction of Segregating and Non Segregating Generation of Four Tomato Crosses for Yield and Yield Attributing Characters – Reecha T Das and Pranab Talukdar`Download

Genotypic and Phenotypic Correlation between Seed Yield and its Components in Ricebean (Vigna umbellata (Thunb.) Ohwi and Ohashi) – Geeta Pandey,  Birendra Prasad and Priyamvada Chauhan`Download

Effect of Foliar Application of Plant Growth Retardants on Biomass Partitioning, Flowering and Productivity of Pigeonpea (Cajanus Cajan L. Millsp) – Devendra Kurmi, R. K. Samaiya, Yogendra Singh and S.K. Dwivedi`Download

Evaluation of Elite Rice Accessions for Genetic Variability and Identification of Associated Markers for Iron and Zinc Content under Aerobic Condition – RakeshKumar Prajapat, Deepak Vishwanath Pawar, Shashidhar HE and Vijayakumar Swamy`Download

Growth, Herb Yield, Oil Content Chlorophyll and Nutrients Uptake in Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexeosus) as Affected by Gypsum and Sodic Water – F M Prasad, Manjula Thomas and Jolly Singh`Download

Mutation Breeding in Chickpea through Physical and Chemical – Mutagen Partap Singh, V.K. Dwivedi  and Rajeev Kumar`Download

Seasonal Incidence of Whitefly, Bemiciatabaci (aleyrodidae: hemiptera) on Different Genotypes of Okra, Correlated with Ecological Parameters – Nishi Sewak`Download

Perception of Milk Producers on the Performance of Milk Procurement Agencies in Salem District of Tamilnadu – Sangameswaran R, Sunitha Prasad and Singh R P`Download

Changes in Soil Properties with Topographic Situation of Jaintia Soil Series of an Acidic Soil of Nagaland : A Case Study – P.K.Singh, Sanjay Saffi and Manoj Pandey`Download

Insect Pests of Sesamum Indicum – Sujata Yadav, Anand Kumar Yadav and Devendra Pal Singh`Download

The Plight of Indian Women Agricultural Workers: Gender Discrimination, Working Conditions and Health Status – Smita Tripathi, Seela Kumara and Neelma Kunwar`Download

Socioeconomic Status of Rural Women of Hazaribagh District – Neha Rastogi and Neelma Kunwar`Download


Volume 7  (2):May 2016



Effects of Seed Priming in Glumed and Glumeless Barley Cultivars – Seydi Ahmet Bagcı, Negar Ebrahim Pour Mokhtari andEmin Donmez`Download

Thanks to Genome Editing: A Tool for Genomic Revolution – Rakesh Kumar Prajapat and Mahajan Mahesh Mohanrao`Download

Drug Sensitivity Assay on Development of Biofilm in Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacteria – Jaideep Goyal, Nikunj Bhardwaj and V. Kumar`Download

Effects of Alien Cytoplasms on Yield and Quality Traits of Bread Wheat – S. Ahmet Bağcı, Hasan Ekiz and Ayhan Atlı`Download

Effect of drugs on development of biofilm in M.tuberculosis H37 Rv and sensitive isolates – Nishant Sharma, Sonali Nagar and V. Kumar`Download

Effect of Food Habits on the Health of Adolescents – Archana Singh and Kavya`Download

A simple and efficient method for isolation of RNA from high polyphenolic tissues of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) – Rohini Bansode, P.A. Valsala and Abida P.S.`Download

Host-Pathogen Interaction in Sesamum indicum – Anubhuti Sharma, Priti Gupta and Nidhi Srivastava`Download

Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Soil Physico-Chemical Properties of Rajmash in Acid Soil of Nagaland – T. Esther Longkumer, P. K. Singh`Download

Evaluation of the Hepatoprotective effect of Pollen and Bee Bread against Staphylococcus aureus Infected balb/c mice – Anita Devi, Neelima R Kumar and Jaspreet Kaur`Download

Biodiversitical Characterization and Biochemical Evaluation of Naturalized Herb (Chenopodium Album L.) in Agra (UP) – Atul Tiwari`Download

Buffalo Calf Management and Health Care Practices in Morena District of Chambal Region of Madhya-Pradesh – Satyendra Pal Singh and Rashmi Singh`Download