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Volume 12  (1): February 2020


. Efficacy of endophytic (Metarhizium brunneum) strain 6c1 in the control of oldworld
Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) in okra- Elhadi Morzog

2. Impact of Frontline Demonstration on Productivity and Profitability of Pearlmillet
In Dryland Areas of Rajasthan- Sumitra Devi Bamboriya, Gopichand Singh, Arjun Singh Jat, Ishwar Singh and Manoj Kumar

3. Cattle embryos development through in vitro techniques using thyroxine hormone as a culture media supplement- Aman Kumar Singh, Prakash C, Rohit K, A. Santra and Subrata K. Das`Download

4. Effect of Crop Geometry,Integrated Nutrient Management on Growth, Production and Nutrient Uptake of Sweet Corn (Zea Mays L. Saccharata)- Kour Jasvinder and Singh Akhand Pratap`Download

5. The Genetic Relationship To Periodontal Disease- Ripunjay Kumar Tripathi, Meghna Nigam, Mangesh B. Phadnaik, Ankit J. Solanki, Pinky ML, Sharad Agrawal`Download

6. Performance of Cluster Front Line Demonstrations on Mothbean- Crop in Arid Regions of Rajasthan- Sumitra Devi Bamboriya, Gopichand Singh, Mamta Devi Choudhary`Download

7. Effect of fertility levels, plant spacing and MH on growth and flower yield of African marigold (Tagetes erecta Linn.) cv. Pusa Narangi Gainda- Yatendra Singh, G.K. Singh, Than Singh and Sukhavir Singh`Download

8. EInfluence Of Time Of Sowing And Row Spacing On Growth And Yield
Of Malt Barley (Hordeum distichum L.)- Arun Kumar and Dindayal Gupta

9. Impact of Scheduled Deworming of Buffalo Calves under Field Condition in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh- Satyendra Pal Singh and Debesh Singh`Download

10.Osteoporosis and Rationales of LFT and Acid Phosphatase- Sunil Kumar Chauhan and Laxmichand`Download

11. The Whys and Wherefores of Serum Calcium, Vitamin-D and Parathormone Analysis in Relation to Osteoporosis- Sunil Kumar Chauhan and Laxmichand`Download